Pathable Engineering

Pathable builds social software to improve the conference experience for organizers and attendees. We strive to write beautiful code that solves fundamental problems for real people.

Check out some of our open source projects below. Please visit us at or email to get in touch.


Quilt offers a simple approach to building views and behavior in Backbone applications. It leaves HTML pure, attaching complex behavior in distinct modules behind the scenes. As much a pattern as a library, quilt will clean up your view templates and business logic, making your application more maintanable and better composed.

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Supermodel.js is a relational modeling framework for backbone.js models. It takes some inspiration from ActiveRecord semantics, providing an easy way to declare relationships between models. It also provides a "global" approach to managing mulitple instances of the same models.

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A new appraoch to CSS grids.

Coming soon!